Platinum 2.0

A portable racquet stringing machine revolution
Tennis | Badminton | Squash

Platinum 2.0

A portable racquet stringing machine revolution
Tennis | Badminton | Squash

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Common Questions

Answers to all the most common questions we receive

Absolutely! Contrary to popular belief surrounding less mounting points, our 2-point mounting system is very safe and we designed it with your racquet’s safety as the number one priority. The machine is directed against the frame during tensioning meaning there is no leverage between the point where the string leaves the frame and the point of tensioning. Our unique system places symmetric load on the frame which is much safer than traditional machines. A 2-point mounting can be seen as less stable on a conventional machine due to the greater distance between the point where the string leaves the frame and the point of tensioning. Pro Stringer avoids this by placing the machine directly against the frame – holding the frame with stability. We have performed many stress-test analysis and the conclusions are clear: the two point mounting system is just as safe as 6-point mounting systems. If that doesn’t convince you, after 10+ years of heavy use by players at all levels, there has never been a case of Pro Stringer damaging or disfiguring a racquet frame!

Our machine is very easy to use and most of our clients are first-time stringers. If a 9 year old can successfully string using the Pro Stringer in under 30 minutes, we have no doubt you can too! We have a multitude of instructional videos on our YouTube page and our team stands by to assist!

We ship to all countries in the world and have shipping hubs all over the world including the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, and Korea. Simply place your order on this website and our team will take care of routing your order to the closest fulfillment point!

You can use the Pro Stringer in any country around the world! Every package comes with a Universal Travel Adapter and the power supply is designed to auto adjust the voltage. Order directly on this website and you’ll receive a machine you can use anywhere!

The Pro Stringer was built with durability in mind, and you will notice this as soon as you receive the package. Everything is packaged meticulously in the bag to provide maximum protection and the unit itself is built with travel in mind. If you take care of your machine, the machine will take care of you. We have professional players that have been traveling week-in and week-out for 5+ years and their machines are still going strong. If anything goes wrong simply reach out and we’ll be happy to assist in any way we can!

We get this question a lot, and we understand where it comes from. As with any new technology there will always be doubt about how it is possible. We have spent 10+ years refining the line of Pro Stringer tools and there is a reason it is trusted by so many players worldwide, it works and is enjoyable to string with! Don’t let the size fool you, our stringing machine is just as reliable as the machines weighing 10x the weight and taking up 10x the amount of space.

There is a reason thousands of Pro Stringers are in circulation across the world and over 700 professional players trust it with their livelihood – our stringer has a reputation for constantly producing the desired tension each and every pull. Unlike traditional machines that double pull the piece of string that extends out from the frame to the tensioner, since the Pro Stringer is right up against the frame, you could even say we produce a more accurate string bed! In addition, we have spent years refining our Claw Clamps which are the gold standard amongst flying clamps. With their unique angled design, they are the first flying clamps that keep your strings straight while clamped, increasing tension retention.

As mentioned, don’t let the size fool you. Our stringing machine produces similar if not better stringing results than machines 10x its size. Plus its electric, making the stringing process much more enjoyable, and the most competitively priced one on the market. If you want a reliable stringing machine, one that packs away neatly without taking any space in your house, that you can also easily travel with, and that allows you to sit or stand while stringing, look no further than the Pro Stringer!

Customer Reviews

See why 97% of users give our portable stringing machine a 5-star rating

I bought mine on the internet a few years ago. I use Pro Stringer when I’m at home because paying for two new strings a day is too much. It’s very easy to use… I just read the instructions and now string in under 20 minutes!
Jannik Sinner
Current #9 ATP Singles & NextGen Champion
This is a legit stringer, it just works, a consistent string job every time for my players. What more do you want? Our guys traveled all through Europe for 6 weeks with 2 of the machines… we did not have to hunt down a shop to get some random tensions in the rackets.
Coach Peter Smith
Coach of 5 Time NCAA Champions USC Trojans
The Blue Steel 1.28mm I developed with Pro Stringer is the best string on tour, and trust me, I’ve tried many strings. The feel and spin is second to none as well as the durability. With the snap-back ability it has a consistent response on every shot and my entire career is now based on it. Give it a try and I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Marcos Giron
Current #67 ATP Singles Ranking
I can’t believe how small Pro Stringer is and how perfectly it works for my rackets!
Liezel Huber
7 Time Grand Slam Doubles Champion
I’ve been using Pro Stringer for over 3 years now and I don’t go anywhere without it. It’s been a life and money saver on tour and given me total peace of mind knowing my equipment is consistently well prepared. Can’t recommend it enough!
Steven Diez
#134 ATP Singles Ranking
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