Pro Stringer Strings

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  • Blue Steel: Provides a satisfying pop for every hit with the capability to absorb impact comfortably thus easier on the shoulder and elbow! You can opt for the 1.23mm to increase playability and control. String Blue Steel on your mains for comfort and a softer feel.


  • Silver Bullet: As the name suggested, it turns every hit into a bullet! The string provides a powerful spin with speed and dominance! A close comparison would be RPM/Lux/Tour Bite. Stringing Silver Bullet on your mains with Blue Steel would provide you with plenty of power with every serve/return. The hybrid combination is our Founder’s favourite!
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Blue Steel 1.23 REEL, Blue Steel 1.28 REEL, Silver Bullet 1.25 REEL, Blue Steel 1.23 3x Sets, Blue Steel 1.28 3x Sets, Silver Bullet 1.25 3x Sets, Mixed String Set 6x Sets, Mixed Strings 3x Sets


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