How It All Started

Designed for Players by Players. Simple as that. 

Pro Stringer is the brainchild of Rubin Statham, ATP professional and Davis Cup tennis player. On tour Rubin observed players having to pay racket stringers at each and every tennis event. All of these tournament stringers had various stringing methods, while using a variety of different stringing machines.

These weekly inconsistent variables often resulted in inconsistent tensions in the string bed, which hampered performance and matches were lost. To produce and maintain the correct tension required repeated restringing jobs. This added enormous financial costs throughout the year. Rubin and his twin brother spent over $17,000 on restringing labor alone in their first year on tour.

Like many players, to save money and in the attempt to attain consistent string tensions, they resorted to travelling with a “portable” machine that was the size of a large suitcase. The machine weighed over 45lbs, (not sure why they called it portable) and was ineffective at producing consistent string tensions. 

There had to be a better way….

Rubin assembled a team of engineers from the USA and Korea to produce the world’s first truly portable, accurate, reliable, and affordable electronic stringing machine allowing players to customize their string tension themselves… any time… anywhere, at no cost.

After 5 years of research and development, followed by 3 years of live testing by ATP/ITF/WTA professional players, Pro Stringer Platinum was released to the public commercially, allowing all players to perform at their best… while at the same time saving hundreds or often thousands of dollars a year in racket stringing costs.

For the first time EVER a truly portable electronic stringing machine now exists for ALL players.

Now, aspiring juniors, league players, college and professional tour players alike, all depend on Pro Stringer on the road and at home. Our team of specialists located around the world are continually dedicated to developing the latest technology in racket stringing and performance while providing individualized customer service.

Our commitment is to listen to our customers, provide them with expert advice based on real life experience, and create products to advance their performance in sport. Because we actually walk the walk, and use every single one of our products for ourselves for the benefit of our games just like you…we are passionate about creating ONLY the VERY BEST in class for our customers.