Pro Stringer Claw Clamps 2.0

Pro Stringer Claw Clamps 2.0


The next generation Pro Stringer Claw 2.0/2.0+ is here! Our signature Claw 2.0 gained incredible reviews on TennisWarehouse Forum and more. We continued to innovate and challenge the industry standards with our newly updated signature flying clamps. Claw 2.0/2.0+ comes with a wider clamping range, easy tension adjustment, and a reinforced build. Our Claw Clamps 2.0 / 2.0+ are lightweight at only 290gm (40-50% lighter than our competitor) and both are the same size!


Used By Players Competing On:

 Biangular Technology & Parallel clamping capability in action!

✓   Keeps strings parallel while clamping for perfect tension accuracy
✓   The dynamic range is optimized to conform to 99% of string beds (7-21mm gaps without pinching, with the possibility of clamping around even wider gaps)*
✓   Premium adjustable knob for easy clamping force adjustments
✓   Lightweight! Only 290 grams in weight, 40-50% lighter than our regular flying clamp*
✓   Anti-slip surface treatment on all fingers
✓   High-quality full metal construction for durability and sturdiness feel

✓✓  Claws 2.0+ comes with upgraded Chrome Plated for durability and luxury.
✓✓  Claw 2.0+ fingers are treated with precise lasering engraving for additional grip!


*Claw Clamps 2.0 in white (aluminium polish); Claw Clamps 2.0+ is in black (luxury chrome plated protection, not paint!). Both are able to handle 7-21mm gaps!

2 reviews for Pro Stringer Claw Clamps 2.0

  1. Daniel Blažka

    The best stringing machine I have ever had. It’s really fast and easy to string a racket. The tension is for every time same. Thank you pro stringer.

  2. Felipe (verified owner)

    Prostringer and claws are the future. I really love all these products are amazing.

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