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  1. Fantastic stringing machine. Very portable
    My son just loves it he string 2 to 3 rackets every week .He string for himself 10 to 12 racket per month
    It takes him 30 minutes on average to complete his stringing
    The return of investment is max 3 month
    I would recommend this machine to every one .It is must for every tennis player who strings rackets by himself as they can carry with them any where

  2. Great solution for traveling professional tennis players, you can control your tension and you know you will always get the same stringing quality and consistency no matter where you go. In half a year it already paid off its value.

  3. It’s my first Stringer. It’s really easy to use. All the player need this.

  4. A must-have! I’ve been using this little machine all the way from Junior’s to now College tennis, can’t explain how useful the Pro Stringer is. Probably every tennis player has experienced the pain of stringing fees or the need to find a place to get your rackets strung speedily when on the road, and this machine just takes all that struggle away.

  5. I loved the idea of pro-stringer when I first found about it, I really wished pro-stringer was available back in the 90’s when I was playing on the tour, I had my sparring partner travel with his large and heavy machine so I could have my rackets done properly and with the right tension, it would have been so much easier with pro-stringer, today after having this machine I loved it even more, it’s made with perfection, with the highest and best quality light materials, beautiful designs, peace of mind that I have an important and great tool where ever I go, and. Believe me it is so good because a tennis player invented it and only a tennis player will know how important this machine is. And one last thing is the customer support they are amazing they care about you, the machine and they are extremely responsive

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