The Platinum Badminton Stringing Machine

The Platinum Badminton Stringing Machine


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Pro Stringer Platinum is an electronic machine which establishes tension using a precision engineered spring loaded torsion bar. The desired tension is set on an analogue scale using a rotary dial. A set of limit switches and an electronic relay are used to manage the process. The control mechanism supports constant pull tensioning . Pro Stringer Platinum is elegantly simple in design and has proven itself time and again to racket players around the world.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Precision Tension Controls
  • Constant Pull Tensioning
  • Universal Adjustable Voltage
  • Double Layered Travel Bag

What's Included In Your Platinum Package

  • Base Machine
  • Table Clamp
  • Mounting Post
  • Rotation Racket Bar (2 Piece)
  • Frame Retainers (2 Piece)
  • Butterfly Screws (2 Piece)
  • Adjustable Flying Clamps (2 Piece – One Large & One Small)
  • Power Supply and Cables
  • Universal Power Adaptor Plug
  • String Clippers
  • String Pliers
  • Padded Carry Bag
  • One Year Warranty


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