Pro Stringer Stringing Machine – Squash

Platinum 2.0

Pro Stringer Stringing Machine – Squash

(96 customer reviews)


World’s most portable & trusted squash racquet stringing machine. Weighs under 2kg. Sit while stringing. Travel with stringer anywhere. Ships worldwide.

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Why use the Pro Stringer?


✓ It’s the most portable professional and electronic squash stringing machine in the world.

✓ Save up to 90% of space compared to other squash stringing machines, allowing you to travel with it anywhere and set it up on any table.

✓ It comes in an all-inclusive package with all the tools & adapters needed to start stringing right away, anywhere.

✓ The squash racquet stringer & tools all pack up neatly and safely into a hand-held travel bag.

✓ The package includes the first angled flying clamps with a diamond-dusted finishing – keeping your strings perfectly straight and eliminating slippage.

✓ Your purchase comes with a dedicated group chat for direct access to our team of professional stringers, award winning engineers, and ATP professional players.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 2kg | 4.4lbs
Dimensions: 17cm x 9cm x 9cm

Head: Professional-grade metal alloy
Internals: Industrial-grade motor
Body: High-end plastic composite

Tension Range: Squash: 15lbs – 35lbs
Line Voltage: Auto universal adjustable voltage
Frequency: 50-60Hz, single phase

What’s included in the Platinum 2.0 Package?

Squash Stringing Machine + Universal Power Supply
Padded Travel Bag + 3pc Carry Bags
2x Medium Pro Stringer Claw Clamps
Mounting Setup: XL Table Clamp + Mounting Post + 2pc Rotation Racquet Bar + 2x Frame Retainer & Screws
Tools: Stringer Cutters + 3x Hex Keys + Multi-Purpose Pliers + Universal Travel Adapter
Coverage: Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Common Questions

Answers to all the most common questions we receive

Absolutely! Contrary to popular belief surrounding less mounting points, our 2-point mounting system is very safe and we designed it with your racquet’s safety as the number one priority. The machine is directed against the frame during tensioning meaning there is no leverage between the point where the string leaves the frame and the point of tensioning. Our unique system places symmetric load on the frame which is much safer than traditional machines. A 2-point mounting can be seen as less stable on a conventional machine due to the greater distance between the point where the string leaves the frame and the point of tensioning. Pro Stringer avoids this by placing the machine directly against the frame – holding the frame with stability. We have performed many stress-test analysis and the conclusions are clear: the two point mounting system is just as safe as 6-point mounting systems. If that doesn’t convince you, after 10+ years of heavy use by players at all levels, there has never been a case of Pro Stringer damaging or disfiguring a racquet frame!

Our machine is very easy to use and most of our clients are first-time stringers. If a 9 year old can successfully string using the Pro Stringer in under 30 minutes, we have no doubt you can too! We have a multitude of instructional videos on our YouTube page and our team stands by to assist!

We ship to all countries in the world and have shipping hubs all over the world including the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, and Korea. Simply place your order on this website and our team will take care of routing your order to the closest fulfillment point!

You can use the Pro Stringer in any country around the world! Every package comes with a Universal Travel Adapter and the power supply is designed to auto adjust the voltage. Order directly on this website and you’ll receive a machine you can use anywhere!

The Pro Stringer was built with durability in mind, and you will notice this as soon as you receive the package. Everything is packaged meticulously in the bag to provide maximum protection and the unit itself is built with travel in mind. If you take care of your machine, the machine will take care of you. We have professional players that have been traveling week-in and week-out for 5+ years and their machines are still going strong. If anything goes wrong simply reach out and we’ll be happy to assist in any way we can!

We get this question a lot, and we understand where it comes from. As with any new technology there will always be doubt about how it is possible. We have spent 10+ years refining the line of Pro Stringer tools and there is a reason it is trusted by so many players worldwide, it works and is enjoyable to string with! Don’t let the size fool you, our stringing machine is just as reliable as the machines weighing 10x the weight and taking up 10x the amount of space.

There is a reason thousands of Pro Stringers are in circulation across the world and over 700 professional players trust it with their livelihood – our stringer has a reputation for constantly producing the desired tension each and every pull. Unlike traditional machines that double pull the piece of string that extends out from the frame to the tensioner, since the Pro Stringer is right up against the frame, you could even say we produce a more accurate string bed! In addition, we have spent years refining our Claw Clamps which are the gold standard amongst flying clamps. With their unique angled design, they are the first flying clamps that keep your strings straight while clamped, increasing tension retention.

As mentioned, don’t let the size fool you. Our stringing machine produces similar if not better stringing results than machines 10x its size. Plus its electric, making the stringing process much more enjoyable, and the most competitively priced one on the market. If you want a reliable stringing machine, one that packs away neatly without taking any space in your house, that you can also easily travel with, and that allows you to sit or stand while stringing, look no further than the Pro Stringer!


✓ It’s the most portable professional and electronic squash stringing machine in the world.

✓ Save up to 90% of space compared to other squash stringing machines, allowing you to travel with it anywhere and set it up on any table.

✓ It comes in an all-inclusive package with all the tools & adapters needed to start stringing right away, anywhere.

✓ The squash racquet stringer & tools all pack up neatly and safely into a hand-held travel bag.

✓ The package includes the first angled flying clamps with a diamond-dusted finishing – keeping your strings perfectly straight and eliminating slippage.

✓ Your purchase comes with a dedicated group chat for direct access to our team of professional stringers, award winning engineers, and ATP professional players.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 2kg | 4.4lbs
Dimensions: 17cm x 9cm x 9cm

Head: Professional-grade metal alloy
Internals: Industrial-grade motor
Body: High-end plastic composite

Tension Range: Squash: 15lbs – 35lbs
Line Voltage: Auto universal adjustable voltage
Frequency: 50-60Hz, single phase

What’s included in the Platinum 2.0 Package?

Squash Stringing Machine + Universal Power Supply
Padded Travel Bag + 3pc Carry Bags
2x Medium Pro Stringer Claw Clamps
Mounting Setup: XL Table Clamp + Mounting Post + 2pc Rotation Racquet Bar + 2x Frame Retainer & Screws
Tools: Stringer Cutters + 3x Hex Keys + Multi-Purpose Pliers + Universal Travel Adapter
Coverage: Lifetime Limited Warranty

96 reviews for Pro Stringer Stringing Machine – Squash

  1. Peter Rose

    This machine setup is perfect for the traveling tournament play like myself but is also perfect for the club. As i do the club restringing as well.

    The coil in the machine is strong and holds tension without fail. The Lbs pulled is super accurate and it allows for a quick ability to restring.

    Only one thing i could see improving this machine is another button that adds on an extra 5-10% lbs for knot tying. Otherwise i can not fault the pro stringer 2.0

  2. Matthew

    Very good stringer!! Cut my time stringing a racquet in half, only thing that i had to adjust to was the bar in the middle for weaving, but after a few it went really fast! Very good job Pro Stringer Team! Shalom and blessings!

  3. Andres

    It was an excellent investment and I can take anywhere I want.

  4. Matei Sucu

    Pro Stringer (PSX) is unique. There is no competition for it in the entire world. To have a digital, precise stringing machine that fits in a small carry bag is insane and amazing at the same time. A must have for all kids and adult Pros who can’t (yet) afford to have a dedicated stringing company (like Fed, for example) string their racquets everywhere they travel 🙂 Thanks PS and Rubin for this amazing tool!

  5. Bruno Kokot

    The Pro Stringer machine is perfect for my trips to ITF and Tennis Europe tournaments. Each time, sewing takes less and less time. The tension force is constant as on large stationary machines.

  6. Riccardo

    Riccardo from Italy here. Let me start by saying that I learnt stringing a racket with the Pro Stringer. It’s been the best investment ever.

    This stringing machine is very reliable, and gives consistent results. That is what you need when stringing rackets!

    The Pro Stringer is very well made, all the accessories are first class, the materials feel premium to me.

    Support is second to none. Whenever I contacted the owner I got timely useful replies, and solutions. Five star.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  7. Yannick

    Excellent purchase is therefore an excellent investment!

  8. Isabelle FL

    Great stringing machine! Easy to use, light and very easy to travel with! Fast and great customer service if you have any question!

  9. Ignasi de Rueda

    My name is Ignasi from Spain the stringing machine was the best investment that I done ideal for traveling and is very easy to use. Soon I will buy another one and 2 friends of mine also have the machine when they sow mine. I encourage anyone to buy it.

  10. Ladislav Forejtek

    I am stringing with pro stringer more than 5 years. Jonas Forejtek is stringing wtih pro sringer on pro tour too.

  11. Florian B

    Wonderfull stringing machine, the product is very high quality, the first stringing is long but the video tutorial is good except on how to make the final knots. the package is very small, perfect for people living in small appartement, or to take in vacation.

  12. Vaidotas

    a very good investment, it is great having Pro Stringer

  13. Xavier Courchesne

    Thé best Price-quality ratio i have never seen on a string machine!

  14. Lucas D

    I’m Lucas from Schwaz. I’m 13-years old an I’m stringing with the stringing machine from Pro Stringer
    especially when I’m at a tennis tournament.
    I think the machine is very nice because it doesn’t take up as much space as other machines.
    The stringing machine is very easy to assemble and disassemble – the new portabel power station is awesomesauce !
    The Pro Stringer guide is a quick and easy way to learn how to string.
    I can only recommend the stringing machine from Pro Stringer because it is just right for me.

  15. Piotr Sz

    a very good investment, it is worth having Pro Stringer at home

  16. Alby

    Happy of the machine, cause it’s easy to use and it allows you to save a lot of mony in stringing.
    At the moment I’ve strung only about twenty raquets, if it does not give me problems with reliability I consider it a great deal.

  17. Alex Cozbinov

    Great stringing machine, accurate tension and easy to set up. Best investment for players who travel a lot. Very compact and light which makes it easy to carry around it and saves a lot of space on your desk!

  18. Gary Huber

    I purchased the Pro Stringer Clamps “Jaws” , as an addition to my existing stringing machine. Excellent purchase as these hold tension nicely without damaging the string and the way they maintain string spacing with the unique design makes them the “gold standard” for clamps.

  19. David S

    One of the best purchases I’ve made. Accurate tension, easy to travel with, and saving a ton of money on the road at tournaments. Win-win all around!

  20. Luke Johnson

    One of my best purchases as a tennis player, saved me loads of money whilst also allowing me to have reliable consistent stringing all around the world. Had my machine for 4 years now and still works very well.

  21. Joe Keegan

    Quality portable stringing machine. Durability excellent and I would highly recommend this machine for any serious or elite tennis player, will save you time, money and more importantly the ability to manage the performance of you’re own racket tension on the road.

  22. Will Harris

    The Pro Stringer completely exceeded my expectations. I have never strung a racket in my entire life, and it only took me 2 attempts before I was able to perfect an ideal string replacement. The online video tutorials are extremely useful, and I would recommend this machine to anyone who wants to save money.

  23. Mike H.

    I am very impressed with the Pro Stringer Platinum 2. It really lives up to it’s reputation and although a novice to stringing it’s easy to learn and to do. I’m sure I’ll get better as time moves on but my first restring went way better than expected and what I expected to be a practice run turned out to be really good to play with. I look forward to stringing more and more going forward and getting my time down. The support is second to none and Jean has been really friendly and easy to deal with – nothing seems to be too much trouble. Keep up the great work, and many thanks for a great product.

  24. Cesar Romo

    I´ve never in my life thought in stringing my personal and family tennis racquets. Now, I can say, after just a couple of months, that I am quite proficient at the job, and even taught others members of the family. The machine is wonderful because it presents portability, quality of components and accessories, accuracy in the tension and easiness. Of course I am saving quite a lot because we used to pay for 5 to 6 stringing jobs per week. I fully endorse the stringing machine.

  25. Riccardo F.

    Great product. I am new to stringing but with each racket I have the feeling of getting better and better.
    The Pro Stringer is very consistent when it comes to stringing your rackets.
    Support is also awesome, Jean is always available to offer tips and answer all your questions. Thanks!

  26. Gabriel Ortiz

    Just to confirm that today I received the claws clamps!
    They are great !
    Regarding shipment to Argentina, I can’t believe they delivered the order so quickly!
    Thank you for your attention to details and to be present every time I needed support!

  27. Angela Jujia

    Great team and product with fast customer response

  28. Rosa Aguirra

    Awesome experience. i am really happy with this tennis stringing machine because it’s all features are all according to my requirement

  29. Santiago Dieguez

    Absolutely the best purchase I have made. I have limited space in my house to string and this fits nicely on my desk and out of the way. Takes me a minute to set up and start stringing. And I can string while I study. The machine is accurate, I have a tension calibrator, and tourna string tension gauge that I use to check tension every so often and it’s perfect

  30. Jiten Voralia

    This is fantastic vs the drop weight machine I was using prior and has cut my stringing time significantly especially given I enjoy tinkering around with different string/tension combinations. I initially had a problem with the power supply but the customer service was great in shipping a replacement asap. Overall great product.

  31. Jennifer Rens

    After a bit of a learning curve since new to stringing, I have been using the Pro Stringer quite a bit. There are 4 tennis players in my family so we are saving money on stringing every month. I enjoy experimenting with different strings, tensions and string combinations to achieve every bodies ideal feel and power. I am happy with the Pro Stringer since it allows so much more control and convenience with our constant stringing requirements.

  32. Giulio Stella

    Wonderful, this is the word to describe the pro stringer platinum 2.0.
    After some practice you take the hand and you discover your tricks to string very fastly, in 15/20 minutes.
    The machine is very good and precise, you can choose the tension that you want and that tension is.
    Also the team is very good and generous.
    Thank you very much pro stringer team, I am happy to have met you.
    Giulio Stella, from Italy

  33. Gabriele

    Simply perfect!
    After some practice it’s really easy to string your racket fastly and with good results.
    Really professional team to help you with any doubt.

  34. Matthew

    Easy to use, travel around with and will save me plenty of money when I’m on the road. Extremely helpful tool to have. Team have been great with any questions I’ve had regarding the stringer!

  35. Zavan Fahim

    I like this stringer because it is very portable and robust. I would recommend this stringer to anybody that strings racquets

  36. Nino Serdarusic

    I have been using Pro Stringer products for over ten years now. Incredibly useful and reliable stringing machine. I have been carrying it with me on every tournament across the world, ATP, Grand Slams, Challengers. It has saved me huge amount of money and im coming on every match knowing that the tension is the exact way i want it to be.
    Highly reccomend it to every tennis player out there!

  37. Sebastian O

    Team very quick and available!

  38. Justin

    Awesome compact unit that is built like a tank and gives reliable tension every pull. If you ever need to contact them with a question they are lovely and communicative. Highly recommend this little guy for both the product and the support.

  39. Jason Foong

    I’ve Platinum 1, updated 1 & Platinum 2.0
    All 3 still working fine. I’ve done about 1,200+ rackets with it.
    Love how small, portable & so easy to store, just put it in a drawer at home.
    Platinum 2.0 with the new clamps is really a winner.
    There are still some room for improvement, like create a higher
    mounting bar, to give more room for the fingers when threading crosses.

  40. Andreas

    Hi guys
    I am super satisfied 👌👌
    I love to string my racquet
    The first times it took me almost 2 hours 😀
    But after 10 attempts I am now under 1 hour…
    Even my Tennis friends give me their rackets
    I recommend everyone to buy it
    It’s fun and real easy

  41. Joao Silverio

    Be part of Pro Stringer team is one of the best decisions I’ve done. The portable machine it’s amazing, very easy to carry and to use. Pro Stringer team also has extraordinary strings and I’m sure in the future we will have more pro players whom want to try the Blue Well string, so unique and for me, one of the best strings I have tried in my tennis carrear.

  42. Alex Theiler

    Great machine!! Very accurate and easy to carry to any place you want. I highly recommend this portable machine if you travel and wants to save money. Definitely the best portable tennis machine!

  43. Ben

    Yep awesome stringing machine! So portable! So easy! I have only had it for a month or two now but I can already tell, that for a young avid tennis player like myself, it will save me heaps on restringing jobs. Great purchase

  44. Eugene Kuan

    As an ITF junior circuit player, this one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I get consistent, accurate tension every single time I string for myself and others. It’s portability is completely out of this world. Since I travel quite frequently, the machine’s design makes it extremely easy to carry around ( it fits right in my tennis bag! ). I’ve even managed to start a stringing business with it. So with this machine, where I go the business goes with it. Simply a superb product!!!

  45. Christian Penafiel

    Very easy to use and carry to tournaments you go to. Definitely can save you time and money. I never had any problems with it while stringing and tension is always on point. I bought my pro stringer 7 months ago it’s been with me wherever coaching take me. From Portland to San Antonio, Jakarta, Philippines and Guam. No issue taking it as a carry on at the airport. I highly recommend and I can assure you that you won’t regret it.

  46. Carlo Domingo

    I’ve finally decided to upgrade my drop weight stringer and went for the Platinum 2.0. The Pro Stringer is really easy to use and there is a lot of information online on how to use it. Rubin and the team have been really helpful in getting me the machine here in NZ. Regardless of level, I hope more people will be using this. Highly recommended. Thanks Pro Stringer team!

  47. Bill Harrison

    Fantastic machine, far easier to use than expected

  48. Lisa Lee

    I came across Pro Stringer by chance , older, travelling junior tennis player from interstate joined our club and brought this little machine with him, at first I didn’t have a clue what that was, only than I learned that that little thing can actually string the rackets ,NO WAY!!! was my reaction . Having two aspiring and fully committed junior boys tennis players , PS was next must have thing for us. WHAT AN AMAZING MACHINE !!! Doesn’t take a lot of space at all ,it can be used anywhere as long as you have access to power, and when you’re done, pack it away or, if you’re travelling, take it away, and the best of all ,it’s so,so easy to use!!! I watched the introduction video a few times and started stringing, first racket was a bit slowish ,but In no time got hold of it, and now I can string the racket 20-30 min, not bad at all for someone who never string the racket before. I’m not a tennis player, but tennis parent , and to all dedicated tennis parents around the world, do your self a favour and get PS, you’ll love it!!!
    Thank you Ruben you’re a CHAMPION!

  49. Brian Peterson

    The Pro Stringer is an incredible piece of craftsmanship. Rubin has left no stone unturned with the Platinum 2.0. Whenever I take the Pro Stringer to a junior tournament (I coach my two playing kids), folks always marvel how I can string in a corner on a random table. The machine is durable, precise, and a joy to string with. I will be stringing with the Pro Stringer for years to come.

  50. Kat Stewart

    This is the perfect stringer for any traveling athlete! Being a WTA pro on the tour, I couldn’t have asked for anything better! Such a money saver and a convenient machine to own. Highly recommend to anyone looking for something like this to add to their arsenal. 10/10

  51. Jean-Francois Tellier

    It is amazing how small and compact this machine is. It asks me 30 minutes only to understand how it works and to test on a tennis racquet.

  52. Ricky

    I received the package on time everything intact. I love the machine easy to operate. I have a few concerns, the tension numbers are small to see and the metal in the middle that holds the racquet it bothers me when weaving the string beside that I’m contented and save me money

  53. Jojo Sayoc

    Awesome machine! Purchasing this Pro Stringer is one of the best decisions I made this year! Accurate tension and improved my game a lot. All the best Pro Stringer!?

  54. Denis

    Fantastic machine easy to use everywhere in the world. We save a lot of money and feel completely free from any stringing constraint in tournaments.
    I recommend it for ITF player who want to save money and have always the same quality of stringing.

  55. Giulia Crescenzi

    The pro stringer is a wonderful invention, specially for pro tennis player because we can save money and make our racquet with same tension in all the world. The shipped of the machine to me was very fast, around one week/10days. The staff is very kind and available for all information!! I recommend buying this machine for all players

  56. Jacobo Pava

    La máquina es excelente y fácil de manejar. Hasta un niño de 10 años la utiliza para encordar sus raquetas y las de sus amigos.

  57. Christian Penafiel

    The Pro Stringer is simply amazing! Very easy to use and holds the tension well. I only have it for less than a month, but it is already extremely useful. Very easy to bring it with you in tournaments and would save you lots. If you don’t have it make sure to order one and you won’t regret it.

  58. denis franco

    Fantastic machine for players who travel but also can be used as a regular one. Size, weight, accuracy are excellent. Really happy about it!

  59. Rafael Soto

    I have it since 2011 and it has been working fine since, I have saved a lot of money and even earned it sometimes stringing to friends in tournaments, its amazing


    La Pro Stringer es realmente increíble. Sencilla de instalar (lo hacés en menos de 2 minutos); tiene gran precisión… Y no ocupa nada de lugar! Ya estoy encordando raquetas para los jugadores de mi club y TODO SÚPER!

  61. Rodrigo garcia

    Incredibly light and easy to transport to any tournament

  62. thiguchi

    Amazing invention that is both portable and powerful. Getting the machine shipped to me was super fast. I thought it would take a week since it was shipping from Korea but came in a matter of days. I can expect consistent stringing wherever I play. As someone who is very picky with how the racket is strung, this machine puts my mind to ease. Super convenient and easy to use, it is every player’s minimalist dream. Must have for tournament players.

  63. Ryan Peniston

    The Pro Stringer has been a game changer for me. Now I can have all of my rackets at the exact same tensions wherever I go in the world. This has given me the extra consistency in my game that I needed. If you don’t already have one, order one as soon as possible!

  64. Fernando Yamacita

    I’ve been using the pro stringer machine for five months and it has been very useful during the tournaments I play abroad. Before I bought the pro stringer machine I used to have a brazilian portable machine much like the Barton(from Argentina) but it was not the same. With the Pro stringer machine I get much more preciseness on the tension and it holds for more time and it is so easy to carry.

  65. Francesca Gioli

    If you need a valid, easy and convenient stringing machine, Pro Stringer is for you.
    The staff is very kind and available for all information.
    It changed my tennis life!

  66. Gabriela Talaba

    I’m a current pro tennis player who just finished college in the U.S. this May. I was so spoiled as long as I was in college because everything was paid for. I never had to worry about stringing a tennis racquet. When I finished college I realized that these things aren’t paid for anymore and this is why I purchased the Pro Stringer. All I can say is that it is a great investment and I couldn’t be happier for not having to pay for stringing every day. Pro Stringer works great making my life much easier. The machine setup is easy and the tension is accurate all the time. I love that the machine is portable and anyone can fit it in the tennis bag when traveling to play tournaments. Overall, I’m very happy with it and I confidently reccomend it to everyone!

  67. Alec

    I have been so impressed with the pro stringer machine. I’ve had it for about 6 months and it has been a great tool to have while traveling. No matter where you travel to, you get the same tension every time. Give it a try!

  68. Jorge Rodriguez

    The Pro Stringer is amazing!!! It has saved me a lot of money. It is really easy to use. This is the best tennis investment I have ever made.

  69. Mark Dalli

    I am a very experienced tennis professional and racket stringer. Started stringing in The late 70’s. This machine is a game changer, many stringers would off handedly think it’s a hobbie machine, nope this is the real deal. When it comes to tennis, I pull no punches. I recommend this machine designed by a professional and used by real players around the world. Rubin cares, had a genius idea and brought it to market. Brilliant.

  70. Alex Knight

    First of all, the customer support was great. I needed a stringer ASAP before I left for some tournaments, and the guys at Pro Stringer got it to me as quickly as possible, keeping me updated all along the way. When it comes to portability, there is no rival. And, it’s an electric machine, so you can have confidence in the consistency of each racket. All you need to set it up is a table or ledge and boom, you can string a racket. This is the first stringer I have owned, and it was easy to get comfortable using it. Use the calculator on the website, because it definitely pays for itself. One of the wisest investments I have made for my career.

  71. Alec Adamson

    The ProStringer is a great tool to have and it will pay for itself within 6 months. It is helpful to take on the road and you get the peace of mind that your tension will be the same no matter where you travel in the world. I would highly recommend to anyone, very easy to use.

  72. Gabriela C

    First of all, shipment. I was traveling to U.S. for a couple of days and Pro-stringer was delivered just on time!
    It is really easy to use. And results are more than expected. It is a very helpful machine!
    Thank you for the support and the commitment received since I bought it!

  73. jgray

    Simply incredible!!! The PS saves me so much money when travelling to tournaments. The peace of mind to have the right tension week in week out is brilliant!

  74. Erik Holt-Crossman

    Great machine, lightweight to travel with. Spot on tension, easy to get used too and affordable. Couldn’t ask for a better product really.

  75. Tom jason

    Awesome machine

  76. jyaubone

    One of the best inventions ever made. So easy to travel with. Just as easy to string with. I’ve had it for four years and never had a problem with it. I saved thousands of dollars using this machine.

  77. marcusdaniellnz

    Great machine to have with you on the road. Not only saves you money but gives you the peace of mind knowing you have identical stringing jobs wherever you go!
    This thing pays for itself in months.

  78. propoggiad

    Such a great little machine and a must have for any serious or recreational tennis player.
    Great and easy to travel with. I really like how no matter what, I can have the string tension the way I want and I know exactly what tension I’m getting.

  79. jrkou

    The pro stringer is a must have! It’s easy to travel with as it can fit in my tennis bag. I’ve saved thousands of dollars on stringing and it is very easy to use. While using it my singles ranking has gone up from 800s to my career high..232! I recommend it to everyone! Sekou Bangoura Jr

  80. maverick.banes

    I have been travelling with and using the PS for almost 4 years now. Apart from the thousands of dollars that its saved me, it’s so easy to set up and use. Knowing that you’re always getting the same tension week in week out is a massive plus for professional players and the PS does this every time. Perfect to travel with and I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone.


    Simply put, the Pro Stringer machine will save you thousands of dollars on stringing. I’ve used it for over five years and have strung hundreds of rackets on it over that time without any major problems! The machine just works and is essential for players looking to save money on stringing…in fact, you can charge other players to string their rackets!

  82. Gavin van Peperzeel

    Guys, invest because they don’t get any better than the PS! Personally I string at 55lbs and have 3 fresh frames ready for each singles match regardless of playing conditions anywhere around the world so for me ….. I can string whenever I want, wherever I want and know that the racquet I complete and pull off the machine is the same as the previous one and the hundreds before that. Ive used it for 2yrs now and know that i have been fully converted and will never give anybody another cent because the PS is always with me. Let’s just say you would be silly not to put your money where your mouth is because it’s the best machine in its market ! 11/10 !!!!! Below is a pic of a race I had this morning with another fellow PS user at breakfast…got the win in 17m34sec

  83. dnolan

    The pro stringer is the best invention I have come across! It is easy to travel with on the road and has saved me hundreds of dollars over the last couple of months. Knowing that your racquets are done correctly to is also very helpful. I would recommend the pro stringer to any player.

  84. uslmray

    This is by far one of the best investments I have ever made in my tennis career.

    As a pro tennis player, tournaments lead me to many places. A few years back, I was not only frustrated by the prices for string-jobs at certain events, but also the uncertainty of the tension I would be getting from place to place.

    The Pro Stringer solved it all!

    It is VERY EASY to travel with as it is small and light and durable.

    It gives me piece of mind know that wherever I go, I will have my racquets strung at no cost by me, at my desired tension without searching for somewhere to have my racquets strung.

    The tension is spot-on and I will never leave home without it.

    It has more than paid for itself and is by-far, hands down the best investment you could make for your tennis! You won’t be disappointed.

  85. HunterReese

    I bought the pro stringer at the beginning of 2016 and by now (October) it has surely paid for itself once or twice over in stringing costs at tournaments. The consistency in result is excellent when using the pro stringer. It has been a huge help this year and I’m supremely thankful for it.

  86. tennmexx

    I was lucky to get a fast delivery right at the ATP Challenger in Busan after a few days I Ordered it. It convinced me right away. I play a poly string and I enjoy to play with a fresh strunged racket and the average price for stringing is 15€ on pro level. The money I saved in the years until now was a lot. Especially during the claycourt season because my racket is a 16×19.
    About the handling of the machine I can say that it is very convenient and after a while you can string a racket very fast and you spend too much time at the machine. Great invention for players who do not have that financial support and need to save effectively some money.

  87. leonsabster

    Being a previous collegiate player and a current tour player, I have never experienced anything like the Pro Stringer. It’s convenient; carrying it from airport to airport without any issues since it’s light weight. Not only has it saved me money from stringing, I know I will have the string tension that’s correct for me every time. The customer service has been outstanding. When I had issues or needed a rush order, the staff has gone above and beyond to attend me. Once you get the hang of stringing with the Pro Stringer, it’s one of the best investments I have ever purchased for my tennis career. I highly recommend it for players of all levels.

  88. nzbroz

    Seniors players didn’t believe me as we travelled to Dunedin, but I restrung a couple of racquets in the motel and they were amazed! Portability and accuracy are the key

  89. Adam Hubble

    I have been stringing my racquets with Pro Stringer for years and I have taken the Pro Stringer with me all over the world. It’s not only a great money saver but also great for peace of mind, knowing that my racquets are always strung at the tension I like. The Pro Stringer is easily one of the best investments I made for my tennis career. So if you like the idea of saving money, while having accurate tension every time, then it’s a “No-Brainer”, you need to get yourself a Pro Stringer.

  90. Max Schnur

    The Pro Stringer has been with me for every tournament I have played since I began using it over a year ago in September 2015. I feel totally confident that my string tension will be exactly what I want with every string job. This confidence actually has allowed me to have more consistent results from week to week. I no longer feel the stress of trying to guess and check tensions with each new tournament stringer every single week on tour.

    In the last year I estimate that I have saved close to $2000 that I would have spent stringing at tournaments.

    Before I purchased the new XL Table Clamp sometimes I had to be creative with how I set up my Pro Stringer (see below in Seoul, Korea). Now with the XL Table Clamp I can use the Pro Stringer on practically any table because of the increased range it gives you in depth and length. This is great because it works even if the table is angled on the sides.

    I highly recommend tennis players at all levels to invest in their games by getting a Pro Stringer!

  91. jasonvpasion

    I purchased the pro stringer machine last year and it has been one of the best purchases I have made for my college team. The machine has a very good design and the tension is dead on accurate. As a college coach whose team travels a lot, we have saved so much money using pro stringer. Stringing is fast and always accurate. Setup is easy and can be place almost anywhere. I highly recommend this machine to all collegiate teams.

  92. Steven de Waard

    The Pro Stringer is without a doubt my best tennis related purchase I’ve made. It’s easily portable and has travelled the world with me, saving me thousands of dollars on restrings! I can also have a racquet strung within 30min using the Pro Stringer, making it quick and easy to use! I would definitely recommend this product to any player, regardless of their standard!

  93. JeffWeaver

    The Pro Stringer is easy to set up, and easy to work with. And very convenient. We don’t travel to tournaments without it!
    Jeff Weaver
    ACE Tennis Academy

  94. sebaeguez26

    I have been traveling around the circuit with my old machine and honestly it was so heavy and I hadn’t to pay fee at the airports and sometimes I couldn’t even take it with me! With the pro stringer no more problems and it is automatic and the tension is always good

  95. shane

    How easy was the assembly of the machine? Quite simple to set up, only takes a minute or so.
    How is the quality of the manual? It covers all the main point needed to string a racquet but is not overly detailed(Eg: no info on the different knots and their uses). There are also instructional videos on Youtube which are useful. You can download a copy of the manual from the Pro Stringer web site.
    What are the special features of the machine? A very portable machine(approximately 6 lbs in total), constant pull and doesn’t stress the frame when stringing.
    How is the handling of the machine? The PS is easy to use, the racquet bar is close to the racquet(but narrow) so you have to weave each cross in two steps. This doesn’t really slow you down once you get some practice on the machine.
    Clamps: Are the clamps easy to adjust? The supplied clamps have a screw to adjust tension, you need a Phillips head screwdriver to adjust.
    Clamps: Do they hold the string securely without squeezing it? Yes, the clamps work great once I sanded the metal plates with some 80 grit sandpaper. I’ve strung 17G Multifibre at up to 65lbs with no issue.
    Mounting: Does the mounting system hold the racquet securely? Yes the racquet is very secure, the tensioner unit rests against the frame so there is very little wasted string.
    Does it block holes? No holes are blocked by the mounting bar.
    Did you face any problems so far? The only problem so far was with the clamps slipping when stringing soft multifibre, I fixed this by sanding the plates with sandpaper and they now hold the string ok.
    Would you choose a different model next time? Clamp issues aside, I’m very happy with my Pro Stringer, I would buy the same model again. My machine has more than paid for itself in the time I’ve had it.

  96. Pavel Krainik

    I am a professional competing currently on the futures and challenger circuit and I have to say that this small little handy machine is a life saver. Not only will it save you a lot of money on getting your rackets strung, but it will also save you money on that additional baggage weight that tennis players encounter so often at airports, just because it’s very light and compact I am able to fit it anywhere and I don’t have to worry at all about having an overweight suitcase.
    Regarding the stringing quality, I have to say that it’s very accurate regarding the tension. I string at 55 mains 53 crosses and the difference between my full sized Prince machine at home and this Pro-Stringer are almost none.
    I would definitely recommend this machine to anyone who plays at high level and wants a machine which they can just setup on any table and get a few frames strung.
    Definitely worth the money in the long-run and from everyone I met so far who has purchased this same machine, I have only heard good things.

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