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What sports can Pro Stringer be used for?

We have 3 different Platinum models optimized for Tennis, Badminton, or Squash. These models use different tension ranges, mounting systems, and clamps that are optimized for the different sports. If you would like to string for multiple sports (tennis | squash | badminton) all you have to do is add on the specialized racquet bar & clamps for that sport found which can be found here.

How fast will I be able to string my racket using Pro Stringer?

With practice you can string your racket in 15 minutes. You can watch an old video of a racket effortlessly being restrung in under 14 minutes on our Youtube Page here. Our unique system allows you to sit down, put your headphones on and relax while you string…..give it a go!

How can I learn to string my racket using Pro Stringer?

You can learn to string by watching our instructional videos or reading the guides on our How-To Guide page.

Can Pro Stringer be taken as carry-on luggage onto a plane?

Yes, you can take Pro Stringer and its accessories on board as carry-on luggage or check-in luggage. As precaution, pack the pliers and cutters into your check-in luggage and everything else is good to go.


Is Pro Stringer tensioning accurate?

Yes, the smart tension head has an electronic continuous-pull tensioning system. This means when the string is being tensioned the tension head makes constant micro-adjustments to ensure every string is at the selected tension.

What are the main benefits vs conventional stringing machines?

Pro Stringer machines are a fraction of the size of regular machines and allow users to string anywhere. In addition, there are many functional benefits to tensioning closer to the frame.
1.) You will utilize less string per racket strung,
2) the accuracy will be higher due to tensioning at a closer point to the frame, and
3) you won’t be tensioning every cross or horizontal string twice. Conventional machines have a large amount of string between frame and point of tensioning, which is then tensioned for the second time when tensioning the next string.

Does Pro Stringer power supply work worldwide with any voltage?

Yes, Pro Stringer has a regulated voltage power supply that automatically adjusts to any voltage worldwide.

Is the 2-point mounting system safe for my racket?

Yes, we have a completely safe and secure design. The machine is directed against the frame during tensioning. This means there is no leverage between the point where the string leaves the frame and the point of tensioning. 2-point mounting can be seen as less stable on a conventional machine due to the greater distance between the point where the string leaves the frame and the point of tensioning. Pro Stringer avoids this by placing the machine directly against the frame holding the frame with stability. After years of heavy use by players at all levels, there has never been a case of Pro Stringer damaging or disfiguring a racket frame.

Can tensioning against the frame scratch my racket?

No, the string sensor has a smooth surface and an electronic dampening system to avoid scratching the frame or causing any possible damage.



How many days until I receive my Pro Stringer package after ordering?

We ship worldwide and shipping to any country in the world takes 3-5 days. Once your order is placed you will receive a confirmation email and when your product leaves our warehouse you will receive an email with online tracking details to view its progress.

Can I track my Pro Stringer package online?

Yes, you will receive a tracking number after it departs our warehouse. Your tracking account includes details for monitoring the progress of your package online. Please make sure to add to your email contacts so that your tracking information does not end up in your spam.

Will I have to pay any taxes such as GST or VAT or any other import duties?

In some rare cases depending on your local customs laws. Customers are responsible for additional duties and taxes such as GST or VAT. As tax and duty regulations are different for each country, fees often chance and we cannot predict these fees. Your local Customs and/or Tax office can provide you with this information. Pro Stringer cannot issue credit in cases where packages are not delivered due to non-payment of fees. If your package is not picked up in time, it will be sent back to our warehouse. You will be responsible for any additional shipping charges.


Does Pro Stringer come with a warranty?

Yes, Pro Stinger Platinum comes with 1 Year Warranty and limited lifetime warranty. Check out our Warranty Terms and Conditions here. We will do our best to make sure your machine and all accessories are in top shape for as long as you’re still swinging at a ball.

How do I return my Pro Stringer Platinum for servicing?

During the warranty period, the customer covers shipping costs to our Service Center, while Pro Stringer pays for the return to customer shipping costs. Our engineers will service, resolve and optimize your machine free of charge. After the warranty period, we will still provide repair services while the customer covers shipping costs. You can read our Warranty Terms and Conditions here.

How do I get replacement accessories and parts?

During the warranty period we will send you new parts and accessories directly to your chosen address. Please complete the RMA form found here and email it to After warranty you can purchase parts and accessories via our online shop or drop us an email on and we will arrange whatever you need.


What are my payment options?

Your purchase can be completed by using Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Bank Transfer, or your PayPal account. PayPal’s payment gateway is used to securely process your payment. You do NOT require a PayPal account for Credit Card payments. For direct Bank Transfer please contact us on for instructions. PayPal makes payments easy, safe and free for you.

How can I purchase with a Credit Card?

You can use your credit card through PayPal’s payment gateway. PayPal offers fast, easy, and secure online credit card payment.

How Is my personal information protected?

Our checkout page uses Trustwave 256 bit SSL encryption to keep your personal information safe on the web. Your payment is processed via PayPal’s highly secure payment gateway which also uses industry-leading SSL technology to keep your Card information safe.

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